Hi, I’m (C .Star. V) I have many things to share under the name “Worth Proclaiming” these will be where my information, products, items, books and blog can be found.

On this blog, I write about self-help, pet ownership (dogs and other), parenting, beauty-aging tips, healthy-living (in a unhealthy world), healthier eating tips, holistic-healing, RV-ing and benefits of well-being, to name some categories.

I have six decades of living on this earth and no botox, no bullshit and I have not just been an observer, but as a true participant in life, within my lessons and adventures. Within, my business experience and law practices in helping others, had only been a part of my life. I was a stay-at-home mom, living on a budget raising children, homeschooling, responsibility of pets and more. I now want to share my thoughts, tips and knowledge in helping others.

All of this, in focusing on self-awareness, within our sole purpose and much more.

It doesn’t matter when you will start to realize, just how much more you can enjoy and learn about your life, the lives of others and our world and what it all has to offer, as it only takes you to start…

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